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Oh man.  Austin and I are laughing our heads off right now.  The “boy team” is on their way out to play tennis.  (I know, it’s a rough life)  Mikee grabbed his racket and water bottle and went to walk out the door.  And… WHACK!

“Ouch!  My head!”

He has been in and out of this door a million times in the week and a half since we’ve been here.  (We had company over for dinner the other night and 2 of the guys had to duck each time)  This is the first time he’s had a brain injury.  He is usually barefoot and clears the doorway easily.  The difference today?  He had his sneakers on and they have just enough height to cause him to crash.

…and yes, I was laughing.

FOOTNOTE:  here’s a picture of Mikee’s “high-heeled” sneakers.

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1 Sonya July 26, 2010 at 3:56 pm

Icarumba! Dolor de cabeza !!

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